miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

In this section of the blog we are going to publish the activities that we do every month integrating the different subjects such as English, Science, History, Music, Physical Education (CLIL), and the different cultural aspects of the British Culture. This section also includes the activities that we do with the European “eTwinning” project. This is an ongoing project in which the students at Gloria Fuertes have been exchanging letters and cards with pen-pals in Wick Primary School in Bristol, England throughout the last five years. The cards and letters usually include talking the students talking a little about themselves, their families, their schools, and their cultures as well as talking a little about what materials or topics they are working on in school at that time. In this section we can also see the weekly reflections that deal with famous saying or quotations that we can see in the entrance hall in both English and Spanish so that the school community can practice and understand the reflections in both languages. The reflections are related to the school projects, such as peace or equality. Amparo Herrador Quero Bilingual coordinator

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