jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

Una visita speciale : nonno e la nonna

In June, we had a very special visit: Sara and Marco's grandparents came to our class.
They live in Bari, Italy, and they told us many interesting things about their country. Sara´s mother was the interpreter, and Sara felt very happy to be the protagonist of the class for one day. She did a great job explaining to the rest of the students a powerpoint presentation about Italy that they had prepared.
Her grandmother told us how to make pizza, and showed us different types of pasta.
All the children were excited to know more about their country and about learning some basic vocabulary in Italian that they taught us very kindly.
This vas a really rich experience for all our students, who became more familiar with one of the European countries once more.
Now they all have a wider dimension of Europe, that was one of our main objectives in our Erasmus+ project.

M. Carmen Lozano López
Tutora 2ºB


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