This academic year, 2015-16 we have been developing a very successful Etwinning project in our school. It began with the participation of 4 and 5 years old students, but it became very popular soon, and some other primary classes joined the project. It has been coordinated by Maria Gracia Moya, Infant teacher, and has had the collaboration of other infant and primary teachers in our school.

The objectives of this project were:

- To develop communicative, creative and artistic competences, through a literary work.
- To integrate families in the Project proposals.
- To give life to the library and the spaces and facilities of the school, opening the doors to families.

You can see a summary of the activities here:

The results and the impact of all the activities organised were highly satisfactory, and we have also worked together with other members of our community, such as the students of a High School in Jaén, and we had a very special visit of some French students who came with them to share a very interesting activity with our little ones.
Some of these activities were published in the local media, that also helped to the diffusion of our Erasmus+ and Etwinning projects.

As a result of the quality of our project and the success of all the activities carried our, we were awarded the Etwinning Quality Label!

So all the members of our community are very happy and proud of it, and all the participating students were given an Etwinning diploma with quality seal on it, as a final activity to share with the families.

M. Carmen Lozano
Coordinadora E+

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